Yoga at the Airport: 5 Poses for a Long Layover

In the 36 years I have been on this planet, I am lucky enough to have visited to 27 countries. That equals a lot of time spent sitting on planes—and sitting in airports waiting for those planes.

Sitting for long periods is hard for most people, but this is especially true for yogis. Of course, we are not referring to long sits in a comfortable meditation posture. In fact, many believe the whole purpose of our physical yoga practice (asana) is so that we can sit to meditate. However, sitting in a comfortable seat on a bolster in your living room is very different than sitting in an uncomfortable airport waiting area for hours until your connecting trans-Atlantic flight arrives.

That being said, just as our asana practice can prepare us to sit to meditate, it can similarly prepare us to sit while traveling. Remember, our yoga practice doesn’t have to be confined to a mat or a studio. It can travel with us and is there when we need it the most—especially at gate 50C!

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The following sequence perfect to practice during a layover has become as essential to my travel as my toiletries. The length of time between flights will determine how long you can remain in each pose. I recommend 10 breaths for shorter layovers and 30 breaths for longer ones. If your flight gets delayed, try running through the sequence a second (or third!) time.

So, go find a quiet corner at your gate, put on your noise-cancelling ear phones, and try this 5-pose sequence while you wait to embark on your next adventure:

Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I), variation

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